Collabortive event delivery

Pioneering a Creative Movement

In recent years we have seen many corporate organisations and international brands (Unilever, Starbucks, BMW, AirBnB, Skyscanner) pioneer a movement away from traditional hierarchical creative production structures to a more collaborative approach of engaging the creative alongside production, marketing and PR.  

The same approach is being used by these organisations to design and curate events that are inspiring, marketable and profitable. At the outset of the event planning process they take into account audience alignment, value proposition, target profiles and promotional channels.

Collaborative working

Benefits of Collaborative Event Delivery

By working collaboratively with an event communications agency the purpose and goals of the event are more likely to be identified and aligned with key stakeholders.  

Collaborative event communications have proven to be beneficial in a number of ways:   

· Creative control, consistent communication and the ability to throw ideas around, confabulate and generally brainstorm without barriers 

· Exposure to innovative ideas and new innovative concepts

· Significant cost reductions compared to piecemeal event delivery

· Ability to work proactively instead of reactively.

Call in the Experts

We have the expertise to deliver full projects as well as the humble transparency to work alongside others in delivering key event sections. Through this, we are continuing to pioneer our approach to creative partnerships with corporate clientele, working hand-in-hand with marketing, operations and sales departments like to produce events which exceed expectations and deliver an ROI.  

If you're interested in considering the engagement of an event visual communications agency, please do not hesitate to give Bamboo Creative a call on 01329 800820, or drop an email